Brooklyn couple Max and Brian are on the hunt for their first apartment together

On this episode of In The Know: Find My Dream Room, host Will Taylor (@brightbazaar) helps Max and Brian find their first home together, in the form of a charming 1-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. Max and Brian are seeking a unit with personality, natural light, and ample space for entertaining, with a budget of under $2,500 a month. Can Will work his magic and find Max and Brian their dream home? Let the search begin!

The first apartment Will shows Max and Brian is a 1-bedroom unit priced at $1,800 a month. Max and Brian, who love to cook, aren’t thrilled about the small kitchen. But the couple likes the natural light and large living space, which includes a separate nook for dining. Plus, at $1,800 a month, the apartment is significantly under budget. Overall, Max and Brian don’t love the unit’s lack of character and kitchen space, but are intrigued by the prospect of saving money.

Next on Will’s list is a 1-bedroom apartment renting for $2,400 a month. Max and Brian love the unique angles of the unit, which provide plenty of character. While the kitchen is on the smaller size, Max and Brian like that you can access it from both sides, which makes it feel larger. Plus, the kitchen includes a dishwasher, which is exciting news for the couple. Max and Brian also love the bedroom, which offers plenty of space and a full wall of exposed brick.

Apartment #3 is a unique 1-bedroom unit with a monthly rent of $2,300. Max and Brian are immediately impressed with the high ceilings and personality of the unit, as well as the open kitchen and dining area. The kitchen doesn’t have a dishwasher, but the apartment makes up for it with its large bedroom and natural light. Max and Brian love the general feel and character of the unit, and are pleasantly surprised that it’s listed for under their budget.

Three weeks later, Max and Brian reveal that they went with Apartment #3! The couple fell in love with the unit’s high ceilings, natural light, and overall charm. Max and Brian are looking forward to making the space their own, and starting a new chapter of their relationship in their new Brooklyn home!

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