‘BTS ARMY’ raises thousands for foodpanda rider

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FOR 38-year-old Foodpanda rider Benjamin Baetiong, June 18 was just another day on the job that had helped sustain his family’s needs. Little did he know that this was the day that he would gain a whole ARMY (BTS fans) as his friends.

As early as 7:30 a.m., Benjamin and other Foodpanda riders noticed that there was a surge of orders for a special, limited edition BTS Meal from McDonald’s. By the time he was on his fifth BTS meal delivery of the day for eager Filipino fans of the K-Pop group, that was when he was inspired to post on his Facebook account, “BTS meals are selling like hotcakes! Foodpanda riders are happy and ready to deliver to you these BTS Meals. So to all the BTS fans out there, gogogogo, order away,” Benjamin posted in Filipino.

This post was much appreciated by the fans after they saw a lot of negativity online about the aforementioned meal. A Twitter account posted a small fundraiser for Benjamin.

“In light of the toxicity we face as a fandom towards some food delivery riders, this manong FoodPanda rider stood out the most,” read the tweet.

“Because of his hard work and enthusiasm in delivering the BTS Meal to everyone, this fundraiser is for him,” Through this tweet, the ARMY was able to raise P40,500 over the initial target of P7,000.

Benjamin, who has been a Foodpanda rider for a year since losing his job as a tricycle driver in Quezon City, is overwhelmed by the support. He is the only boy among four siblings, and he is using his earnings as a rider to support their family after their father suffered a stroke. He recalls his surprise at the ARMY’s response to his post.

“I was surprised my post went viral. I’m overwhelmed with happiness, especially reading the comments from the BTS fans,” he said.

On June 20, they met at a McDonald’s branch in Cubao where they handed Benjamin their token of appreciation.

He shared that he is very happy with the gift, which he will use to take care of his family.

“This is for my dad who is a stroke patient.” He is also happy that McDonald’s also appreciated his efforts.

Foodpanda managing director Daniel Marogy says Benjamin is one fine example of how Foodpanda riders care for their customers.

“We are proud to have Benjamin as part of our team that delivers our customer’s orders with care. They are our heroes on two wheels who take on the job to deliver convenience and even happiness to your doorstep.” (PR)

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