‘Bubble Gang’ celebrates 24th anniversary with 2-part ‘The ScAvengers’

GMA Network’s “Bubble Gang” treats viewers with a two-part superhero telemovie special for its 24th anniversary entitled “The ScAvengers” airing on Nov. 15 and 22.

“The ScAvengers,” a play on Marvel Studio’s eponymous characters, the Avengers, revolves around an outcast group of homeless people who scavenge for a living and find extraordinary scraps which fell from outer space. Little do they know that these items possess superpowers that will transform them from outcasts to their barangay’s greatest superheroes collectively called as The ScAvengers.

Michael V. is Allan Peter Kuya Thanos, the main villain who is determined to wipe half of the universe’s population with a snap of his fingers; and the ScAvengers whose mission is to stop him and save the world are: Antonio Aquitania as Thorpe/Tor; Paolo Contis as Plantsa Man/Mr. Tonio; Kim Domingo as Black Panty/Tasia; Boy 2 Quizon as Capt. American Tiki Tiki/Esteban; Sef Cadayona as Hukay-Ukay/Boy Pana; Betong Sumaya as Hulkluban/T’yo Bruce; Analyn Barro as Regyula.; Archie Alemania as Mang Stan; Mikoy Morales as Squatterman/Pedrito; and Chariz Solomon as Gumorah. Valeen Montenegro, Lovely Abella, Arra San Agustin, Jak Roberto and Denise Barbacena play Kuya Thanos’ cohorts, while Arny Ross, Liezel Lopez, Roadfill, Mykah, and Diego are townspeople.

“The ScAvengers” also features the special participation of Manila mayor Isko Moreno as Yorme and Spiderman star Jacob Batalon as Need.

Catch Bubble Gang’s two-part anniversary special “The ScAvengers” on Nov. 15 and 22 after “One of the Baes” on GMA Telebabad. (PR)