Buckingham Palace chefs reveal royal way to enjoy pancakes on Shrove Tuesday

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Queen Elizabeth II during a visit to Porton Down science park near Salisbury. (Ben Stansall/AFP)

Everyone has a favourite way to enjoy pancakes on Shrove Tuesday - from thin to fluffy, sweet to savoury.

The Queen's chefs have shared their very luxurious recipe for crepes to tuck into before Lent, and offered three different ways to top them.

The Queen is keen on her Christmas and Easter traditions, and so she might also be tucking into a stack of these crepe-like treats before giving something up for Lent.

Thankfully for those without a royal chef to hand, the step-by-step recipe has been posted on social media for everyone to try out.

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The recipe calls for 125g of plain flour, 30g of sugar, two eggs, one and a half egg yolks, and a pinch of salt, which the chefs say to combine in stages to make a smooth batter.

Next, add in 250ml of milk slowly, whisking all the time.

Then for another touch of luxury, add beurre noisette (nutty butter) to the batter.

This is made by putting 40g of butter into a pan and cooking it gently over a low heat until the water in the butter cooks off.

The chefs say to look out as "the milk solids will separate to the bottom of the pan and gently golden".

Once it stops spitting, put it aside to let it cool. Add it into your batter once the milk is all incorporated.

Heat up a pan and melt butter in before adding the batter and spreading it out around the pan. Flip them when they are cooked on one side.

Prince William watches as Kate Middleton flips a pancake during a Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children event outside Belfast City Hall, during their visit to Northern Ireland.   (Photo by Paul Faith/PA Images via Getty Images)
Prince William watches as Kate Middleton flips a pancake during their visit to Northern Ireland, before their wedding in 2011. (Paul Faith/PA Images)

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The chefs offered three ideas for pancake toppings, including the classic lemon juice and sugar.

But they also suggested trying jam and cream, traditionally associated with scones.

They said: "A nice light alternative for pancake day. Whip up some double cream to a spreadable consistency. Once your pancakes have cooled spread over a layer of your favourite jam, we have used raspberry here, then a layer of whipped cream and fold up in to quarters.

"Garnish with fresh berries."

The final suggestion was a savoury choice, using ham, cheese and leeks. The recipe calls for a cheese sauce, starting with a roux of milk and flour, and adding in milk and Gruyere cheese.

Add ham and leeks into the sauce, and then put most of the sauce into the pancakes, and roll them up. The cigar shaped stuffed pancakes should be added into a buttered dish, topped with more sauce and cheese and then baked in the oven for 20 minutes.

If it's good enough for the Queen...

Ingredients for pancake batter

125g Plain Flour
30g sugar
Pinch of salt
2 medium eggs (approx. 100g)
1.5 egg yolks (30g)
250ml milk
40g butter (for the beurre noisette)

Ingredients for savoury pancake topping

200g cooked, diced ham
150g cooked and sweated down leeks
125g grated Gruyere cheese
275ml full fat milk
40g butter
40g Plain Flour

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