From ‘budol’ to ‘burol’: This funeral service company is the latest to join the e-commerce game

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E-commerce in the Philippines has grown significantly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic — and a funeral service company is the latest to join its ranks.

Deathcare company St. Peter Life Chapels unveiled its new e-store Monday, where customers can purchase memorial plans, “add to cart,” and pay online — as one would with any e-commerce website.

Buyers can simply sign up on the website, review the brand’s plan offerings, and add their preferred plan to their online cart. They will be required to fill out a life plan application—their contract—upon checkout.

St. Peter Life Chapels offers two types of plans on their website: the traditional plan and cremation.

The traditional plan offers six life plans, while the cremation plan offers two.

For instance, the St. Anne plan offers a four-day memorial service, a casket, and the payment of unpaid balance if you pass away while paying for the plan under the age of 60.

The company launched their online website under their #YODO campaign—”You only die once,” a play on the popular acronym #YOLO that stands for “You only live once.”

They hoped that with the launch of their online service, consumers would take advantage of the hassle-free experience and plan ahead by adding their memorial plans “to cart.”

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