Buick Electra-X SUV Concept is a sporty-looking electric crossover

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We all saw the gorgeous Buick WIldcat EV concept yesterday, but slipping under the radar was another Buick concept revealed in China: the Electra-X Concept SUV.

Buick is planning on using “Electra” to name its future EVs, and this is our first look at a concept with the name attached to it. Specifically, Buick says that this concept “previews the production version of Buick’s new generation of electric vehicles in China, underpinned by GM’s revolutionary Ultium platform.”

Nowhere in Buick’s announcement does the brand say this concept will transfer to future Buicks in the U.S., but it’s an interesting thought to entertain. The Electra-X Concept SUV looks like a fastback SUV, or crossover coupe, which is already a common bodystyle here in North America. Seeing that Buick’s intention is to use the Ultium platform, that gives even more reason that something along these lines could find its way into U.S. showrooms.

Buick Electra-X Concept SUV
Buick Electra-X Concept SUV

This specific concept is all about design, and it’s easily the most attractive Buick SUV we’ve seen. Buick says the car’s “fresh and youthful” expression is meant to appeal to younger customers. It certainly looks far more sporty than what we’re used to seeing from Buick, which is a good thing. You’ll notice it’s wearing a new Buick badge up front. The light design in front and back is meant to resemble what we’ll see on future production cars, and like many lights these days, they flash an animation at you as you approach the car.

The four-seat interior is meant to look sporty and clean. Plus, it shows off the flat floor capabilities of the Ultium platform. It has an airy feel thanks to a wraparound windshield and glass roof. The seats are wrapped in fabric made from recycled water bottles. You’ll also see “GS” etched inside the cabin meant to hint that there will be electric GS models in the future.

Its main display is a 30-inch 6K screen, and the car features 5G connectivity for the speediest-possible connection to the internet. Super Cruise in its most advanced, current form is also onboard, which is great to see for the Buick brand.

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