Burger King running out of onions for their burgers is the latest in fast-food shortage

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Fast-food fans better brace themselves once again — after having endured a shortage of french fries and fried chicken, the latest food supply chain woes have hit Burger King right in the onions.

“We don’t mean to make you cry,” Burger King wrote in a statement. “Our onions are a bit hard to come by these days due to a shortage in regular supply, affecting our Whopper and other flame-grilled burgers.”

That said, the fast-food chain has offered other alternatives their patrons can get in lieu of onions: for now, customers can replace regular onions with crispy onions, extra lettuce, or extra tomato.

Burger King’s woes are likely due to an overall shortage of white onions in the country, an issue acknowledged by the Department of Agriculture.

In an interview with GMA-7’s Unang Balita, Undersecretary Kristine Evangelista said that the agency was finding ways to fill in the demand, including importation.