Burglar carts away P200,000 worth of items from Talisay house

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A BURGLAR carted away P200,000 worth of belongings from a three-story house he entered around 2:30 a.m. Thursday, August 18, 2022, in Barangay Lawaan 1, Talisay City, Cebu.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Randy Caballes, chief of the Talisay City Police Station, said their manhunt operation against the burglar, who remained unidentified, continued Friday, August 19, 20.

He said they already have a person of interest, but they could not reveal the name yet.

The burglar, he added, was able to cart away cash, a laptop, cellphone, clothes, shoes, and even a helmet, among other items, from the house. The stolen items were worth around P200,000, said police.

Caballes said the incident was reported to them by the victims (names withheld) after the owners of the house discovered the burglary around 9 a.m. of Thursday, August 18.

Patrolman Raffy Rempojo, who is investigating the case, said the owners of the house noticed Thursday morning that their window was already damaged.

The burglar entered the house through the fire exit. He then climbed to the third floor, where the master’s bedroom is located. He broke the window to be able to gain entrance.

The burglar spent around 30 minutes inside the house. He even changed his clothes and shoes while inside the house. He placed some of the items he stole in a blue bag, said the police.

The Talisay City police said the person of interest is a notable thief in Metro Cebu who frequents some barangays just to steal things from houses. (BBT/LMY)