Burglar gets away with councilor’s P25,000

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CEBU City Councilor James Cuenco was a victim of a burglary.

An unidentified man entered his house in Barangay Guadalupe past 1 a.m. of Thursday, July 22, 2021.

The crime was caught on the house’s closed-circuit television camera.

The burglar was initially seen surveilling the house before he entered its premises. He was armed.

Cuenco, a legislator from the south district, said he was fast asleep when the incident took place. He was grateful that he didn’t notice the break-in and catch the burglar by surprise. Otherwise, he could have been shot, he said.

Cuenco said his wallet containing P25,000 in cash was missing.

He said he woke up because it had gotten warmer in his bedroom. That was when he noticed that the door was open.

His identification cards, credit cards and ATM cards were found at the back of his house.

Cuenco believes the burglar got in by scaling the perimeter wall since both of the house gates were closed.

A police team later arrived to look for evidence to help them identify the perpetrator. (PAC/PJB)

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