Bus conductor steals passenger’s phone


The victim’s cellphone that the conductor allegedly tried to steal

MANILA, Philippines — A bus conductor was brought to the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) Station 6 after a passenger accused him of stealing his phone.

According to eyewitness, Jason Posadas, the conductor, Charlie Camani, stole the mobile phone of Antolin Adlawan while the latter was dozing off; his phone lying on his side.

“Nung tinekitan ako ng konduktor, kinuha niya yung cellphone. Palinga-linga.  Akala niya, hindi ko napansin,” said the eyewitness.

(When he was handing me the ticket, he took [Adlawan’s] cell phone. He was looking around, he thought I didn’t notice.)

Posadas assumed that Camani would return the phone when Adlawan wakes, but it did not happen.

Camani lashed out at the victim instead when confronted about the missing gadget.

“Kasi naasar na ko sa kanya. Sinakal ako. Pinagpipilitan niya na nasa ibabaw yung cellphone niya,” said the suspect.

(I was pissed off. He tried to strangle me. He was insisting his phone was lying on top.)

When  authorities checked the suspect’s bag, they found the phone which was worth P3,500.)

Adlawan, however, decided to drop his complaint against Camani so the police had to release him. Nevertheless the suspect will likely be fired as the incident has been reported to his operator.  — UNTV News & Rescue

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