Bus terminals still require passengers to wear face mask

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THE management of Cebu South Bus and North Bus terminals still requires passengers to wear a face mask except when there are few people inside the bus where they can seat apart from each other.

But now that business operations have returned to normal as coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases dwindle and full seating capacity is already allowed in public transport, Carmen Quijano, manager of both terminals, said they still require the wearing of face masks especially that there are a lot of passengers, including local and foreign tourists, who would travel to the different places in Cebu province.

"Mao nang ako gibuhat inside the Cebu South Bus terminal nga tanan passengers wear a mask, kay daghan naman kaayo pero if open gani, okay ra. Kanang magsakay na gani sa bus, makita man nato huot, so atong buhaton nga ipahibaw nga wear a mask though dili ta makapugos pero nalatid man gyud na sa executive order nga kung daghang tawo magsul-ob," Quijano said on Thursday, September 15, 2022.

(That's what I did inside the Cebu South Bus terminal to require passengers to wear a mask because there are a lot of people, but if it's open, it's okay. When the bus is crowded, we inform passengers to wear a mask though we cannot force them, but it is stated under the executive order that masks should be worn in crowded places.)

Quijano said that since the optional wearing of face mask is already allowed in public and open spaces, it is also appropriate to give passengers the freedom to decide on whether or not they wear face mask especially when there are only a few of them inside the bus.

"It's your responsibility. If makita nato nga daghang tawo, wear a mask. But maybe atong kuhaon kung walay tawo pero kung daghang tawo atong gamiton. Kita nala'y mogamit sa atong huna-huna," Quijano said.

(It's your responsibility. If there are many people, wear a mask. But maybe we can take it off if there is none and wear it if there are many people. Let's use our own initiative.)

Quijano said that despite the easing of movement restrictions, people should not be complacent but instead be mindful of their health and boost their immune system to avoid contracting any kinds of illness.

She said employees of both terminals, as well as bus drivers and conductors are already vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus. (ANV, TPT)