Business Permit and Licensing Office starts review of business operators

ONLY 8,000 out of 17,000 establishments in Mandaue City are operating with updated business permits.

This was among the findings the Mandaue City Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO) gathered from its random inspection at a highly commercialized area in the city.

Lawyer August Lizer Malate, BPLO chief, said their random inspection revealed that several establishments are operating without an updated business permit.

There are also establishments that are operating with no business permits at all, while others misdeclared their business engagements.

Malate, though, clarified that the purpose of the random inspection was only to remind establishments to comply with the City Government’s documentary requirements.

The City’s BPLO started its random inspection last Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020.

The initial review was done to give erring business establishments enough time to address their violations before the official inspection starts on Feb. 24.

Malate said the official probe on business establishments will be spearheaded by a joint inspection team composed of the BPLO, City Treasurer’s Office, City Planning and Development Office, Office of the Building Official, City Health Office, City Environment and Natural Resources Office and the Bureau of Fire Protection.

“(During the official inspection,) we will issue a notice to comply as well as notice of violation. It will be grounds for the revocation of permits,” he added.

The BPLO chief said they will also look into the operations and compliance of small-time establishments such as “sari-sari” stores, room leasers and “pungko-pungko” (self-service street eateries). (KFD)