Buyers shying away from pork

MEAT vendors in Unit 2 of the Carbon Public Market have experienced a drop in sales and blame the decrease on the African Swine Fever (ASF), whose presence in the country was recently confirmed by the Department of Agriculture.

“We have no income and I think it’s because of the African Swine Fever. People are afraid to eat pork,” Ramona Biñas, a vendor, said in Cebuano. “However, our pigs are not affected and African Swine Fever will also not harm people, only pigs.

Jenever Navaya, also a meat vendor, echoed her sentitment.

“Today (yesteday), the demand for pork is very slow and we have so many unsold items. I think the news about the African Swine Fever has discouraged people to eat pork,” said Navaja.

Vendors say the sales of pork products started to drop in August when news about the ASF hit and when the Cebu Province started mulling to ban the entry of pork products from Luzon. (PAC of Superbalita Cebu/ML)