Bzzzzz: 17,000 chickens donated to barangays sold by Milo, councilor accuses. 'Waaa,’ says Busay head.

'Kumusta na mo diha?'

FORMER Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmena jolted the social media public when his photo, with the caption above it saying, saying “Kumusta na mo diha?”

Some of his sympathizers commented that they miss him and his style of leadership, which they said could’ve worked better in combating coronavirus in the city.

Some of his enemies and others who don’t like him said he could’ve done worse.

The plain curious were not sure as to how his greeting with the photo of a smiling Tomas meant: (1) genuine concern for Cebuanos, or (2) naughty gloating over the ECQ status of the city.

Why the smile which seemed to indicate happiness over Cebuanos’ misery? And why “mo”? It sounds as if he had migrated and was no longer residing at Guadalupe, Cebu City.

A lot of chickens

Not one or a few chickens but a lot of chickens:

[1] Yody Sanchez Wednesday, June 17, answered the Facebook inquiry from Cebu City Councilor Joy Young, “Where are the 17,000 dressed chickens donated by a company to the city last May? Why was the Milo selling dressed chickens? CLASS PLEASE EXPLAIN.”

Sanchez, Milo head in Barangay Busay, said they in Busay were not selling donated chickens “dressed or undressed”: “waaa,” said Sanchez, using the excess of letter “a” to lend more force to his denial.

[2] Franklyn Ong, through the Liga ng mga Barangay, Cebu City Chapter, last May 13 publicly thanked Charoen Pokphand Food Philippines Corp. (CPF) for donating 20,000 live chickens to the city’s 80 barangays. They were to be distributed through the barangay captains. A post by “Serbisyong Franklyn Ong” listed the barangays and the number of barangays each was to receive.

Sanchez reposted the Liga’s thank-you note, at the same time asking Joy Young also to look for the 20,000 chickens and their recepients, which were distributed through the Association of Barangay Councils (ACQ), “basin gibaligya pud.” Ong belongs to BOPK, rival of the dominant Partido Barug, Sanchez’s party. Apparently, Sanchez was suggesting that Young ask about the chickens from Ong who could also be selling them. Sanchez in effect tossed the charge to Ong.

Only 300 and not to Milo

Sanchez told Bzzzzz Wednesday, June 17, that Busay got only 300 chickens, according to the list, and those must have been delivered to the Busay barangay captain, not to Milo, a separate office created by Mayor Edgardo Labella in each barangay for “information and liaison.” Sanchez said he also asked other Milo chiefs who told him they didn’t get any chicken.

For the public that doesn’t know much about the dressed chickens, there could be two sets of donations: the 17,000 chickens Joy and Yody tangle about being sold by Milo and the 20,000 ABC received and acknowledged last May by ABC. Maybe not. Maybe they were talking about the 20,000 given to ABC, from which 17,000 were allegedly allotted to Milo, if Young’s accusation were rationalized

Here’s the thing: Councilor Young accused without evidence Busay’s Milo of selling donated chickens. Milo head Sanchez responded with a flat denial that he or any other Milo chief got the chickens.

Ombudsman doesn’t wait

The ombudsman has started its inquiry on alleged irregularities in the purchase of rapid test kits and personal protective equipment.

Maybe not to anyone’s liking, particularly among those who believe they should wait until the pandemic is contained.

He did more than advise

Dr. Anthony Leachon, adviser to Carlito Galvez Jr., chief implementer of the national strategy on the coronavirus, has resigned. But Galvez’s official statement indicates Leachon

was made to resign for “preemptive releases of information” that hurt messaging efforts of IATF, which Galvez said, is a collegial body.

"Yong tweets ko sa DOH," Leachon told media just after the story broke. He did more than advising his boss Galvez. And he proved to be no less addicted to talking on social media than many Facebook and Twitter users.

Thank you for your service, said Galvez to Leachon. But he had to let him go.

Leachon, visiting Cebu City a day or two before June 15, predicted the ECQ status for the city, citing the rising number of infections here. He might not have been predicting it, he could’ve been leaking inside information.


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