Bzzzzz: Angered by firing of Labella loyalists, Casas threatens with group's 'show of strength' by rejecting Rama, slate.

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FORMER Cebu City administrator Floro Casas Jr. complains that many supporters and people ("mga tawo") of the late mayor Edgardo Labella were terminated and their appointment not renewed this January.

In a Monday, January 3, Facebook post, he said the current administration probably forgot that (1) it has candidates in the May elections, (2) those who lost their job has family, friends and groups that won't also vote for them, (3) there are also other candidates. (Numbering is Atty. Casas's.)

THE THREAT. They, the people in the current administration, are saying they are already winning, so, Casas said, we must show our strength this May, "di nato iboto ang mga traydor."

COST OF FIRING. Of course, Mayor Mike Rama and his strategists must know the cost of firing the casuals and job-order employees hired by Labella. He had been saying the workers who'd be retained are those who'd survive the "evaluation." As to those occupying coterminous jobs, they must have his trust, he said again and again.

The public purpose is purportedly to weed out those "unfit" for continued service. As to what makes one unfit, that must include the intention not to vote for Mike Rama and his candidates. Intent is mostly in the mind, so there must be indications the evaluators saw.

Loss of the Labellans' votes doesn't have to be waved in Rama's face anymore. The Rama camp must have foreseen the consequences.

What the rest of the public wants to know: the actual number of City Hall's workforce, where they are assigned and how many are left now. Mayor Mike cannot be so naughty as to keep complaining about his being clueless about the number and status of his employees -- and then let it hang.

'BETRAYAL,' 'OPPRESSION.' Atty. Casas didn't name Mayor Mike Rama or Partido Barug in his publicized threat but he couldn't be referring to anyone and anything else. Only Rama could fire the Labella "supporters and people." Only Rama had been talking about not renewing some appointments at City Hall and the basis for non-renewal.

Casas first used the word "traitors" in the eulogy that preceded the burial of Mayor Labella last November 26. That came with the talk about "betrayal," "tragedy," and “oppression” as he broke into tears. In the same public display of grief, Casas also warned about the group making "a big decision in the next few days."

What followed was Casas's designation as president of Panaghiusa, the party of the late Inday Nenita Cortes-Daluz that her son former councilor and MCWD board chairman Joey Daluz revived for the 2022 elections. Panaghiusa is one of two parties that coalesced with Partido Barug, the other being Kusug, which former mayor Alvin Garcia and Councilor Raymond Alvin Garcia also revived.

JOEY DALUZ'S WORD. As to the feared breakaway from the Rama group, Joey Daluz already said Panaghiusa will keep its support for Mike Rama and his group, except for two councilors-to-be whom Panaghiusa will replace with its own two aspirants. "Panaghiusa will honor its commitment to Mike," Daluz said.

How would that square with Casas's sentiment, which apparently he already made known on the day Labella was buried? Casas, Panaghiusa president, didn't promise anything to Rama and Partido Barug. Casas has no word to keep. But Panaghiusa founder's son Joey Daluz did. He has committed Panaghiusa's support for Mike.


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