Bzzzzz: Elected official with pregnant girlfriend identifiable although unnamed

PEOPLE talk about...

[1] ABC SHUNS OR IS SHUT OUT OF LAPU-LAPU FIESTA ACTIVITIES. The Radaza-Chan skirmish continues with each camp blaming the other for the non-participation of the Association of Barangay Councils in the nightly activities leading to the Lapu-Lapu's annual fiesta. "ABC Night" was scheduled Tuesday, November 12.

The continuing feud between the winners and the losers in the last election boosts the evidence that barangay affairs are political despite the intent of the law and the pretense of politicians that the country's smallest local government unit is apolitical.

The infighting earlier erupted with the accusation of Mayor Junard Chang that some barangay captains did not make the traditional "floral drop," a highlight of the seaborne procession Tuesday (November 12).

[2] LEAH NAVARRO CALLS LOCSIN, PANELO "TERRIFIED OLD MEN" for trying to block the entry of human rights advocate Phelim Kine to the country. Kine has offered to give advice to Vice President Leni Robredo on how to end President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs. Singer Navarro tweeted that Tuesday, November 12. Panelo and Locsin, the President's spokesman and foreign affairs chief, respectively, may be scared for their patron but are they old?

Locsin will be 71 this November 15, while there is no published age of Panelo. In a recent verbal exchange with CPP head Jose Ma. Sison, Joma, whom Panelo called aging, retorted that he, Duterte and Panelo "are in the same age bracket." Joma is 80, while Duterte is 74. How about Leah Navarro who calls Panelo and Locsin old? She is 62.

No need to guess

NO NAME, ENOUGH CLUES. Broadcaster and newspaper columnist Bobby Nalzaro showed Wednesday (November 13) in his SunStar column "Saksi" how to identify a much-talked-about news personality without naming him. Bobby wrote about an "elected official" whose girlfriend just became pregnant.

Though he didn't give any name, Bobby sprinkled his three-paragraph item with a number of clues substantial enough to identify the baby's father:

[1] The official has been living with his girlfriend in a rented apartment. The lovers had left their "ancestral home" because of the opposition of Mike's siblings to the love affair. The romance is "against all odds," Bobby said, because "the official's relatives are against their relationship for unknown reason."

[2] Facebook, Bobby said, has been "flooded" with congratulatory messages. Example: "Congratulations to Sir M @Ma'am M for their baby." The photo of the couple appeared in some messages.

[3] M's marriage, Bobby said, was "annulled by his wife a long time ago."

[4] M had been linked romantically to another lady official ("now his best friend") and another woman, "an out-of-town politician."

Clue #1 is not entirely true. Many people know why the official's siblings and other relatives have not accepted the girl friend but Bobby is not telling.

Yet most people, especially City Hall watchers, know. With those clues, Bobby identified the dad even though he didn't mention by name any of the persons involved.

He is -- no drum roll please -- Vice Mayor Mike Rama. Anyone who has a different answer must have, decades ago, left Cebu and totally cut himself off from any news or information from here.


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