Bzzzzz: Husband's case might snag solution of lawyer Ole's murder. Dec. 19 is Cebu City Sanggunian Day.

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ANOTHER lawyer was gunned down: Baby Maria Concepcion Landero-Ole. Last Thursday, December 17, lawyer Landero-Ole of Taboc, Danao City was driving her pickup on that city's highway when shot by unidentified persons on a motorcycle.

Atty. Landero-Ole, who passed the 2006 bar and was registered in the roll of attorneys as #54408 (May 3, 2007), was a member of the Cebu province chapter of the Integrated Bar, which condemned the killing, along with the Cebu City chapter.

Last November 23, Atty. Joey Luis Wee was shot dead in Cebu City. Earlier, on October 10, Atty. James Gupana survived a shooting ambush in Lapu-Lapu City, reportedly the second time the lawyer was assaulted.

Landero-Ole's death is the 14th in Cebu since 2004 and the 54th in the country since 2016, based on unofficial count of lawyers as casualties of violence.

Relatives of Landero-Ole and her colleagues in the law profession may take heart from the swift solution to the execution of Wee, although the mastermind of the killing was still to be identified.

The worrisome fact is that the law enforcers have been generally inefficient in solving murders, of lawyers or non-lawyers, if it is related to drugs.

The element of drugs does not directly relate to the lawyer but to her husband, Juanito Ole, who was identified in some news reports, attributed to the police, as an alleged drug lord. Less than six months ago, Ole had just been released from Bilibid Prison in Muntinglupa when he was gunned down.

A number of killings involving or related to drugs have remained unsolved and become cold cases. Would the law enforcers be as enthusiastic in solving Atty. Ole's murder as they were in tackling the death of Atty. Wee?

Funeral parlors and Covid

How much money have local funeral parlors earned from Cebu City-subsidized services for victims of Covid?

A report of Councilor David Tumulak to the Cebu City Council Friday, December 18, showed: Supplier A: P160,000 for eight persons; Supplier B: P150,000 for 3; Supplier 6, for 28 persons (9 cremated, 19 buried), P1,416,000. Or only 39 people during the first wave of the pandemic.

That covered only those whose families sought the City Government's help.

Sanggunian Day

December 19 each year -- Saturday this year -- is Cebu City Sanggunian Day.

The ordinance declaring the day in honor of the city legislature was passed many years ago but most everyone, including the present City Hall officials, forgot all about it.

Its approval involved three mayors, Vice Mayor Mike Rama noted: Edgardo Labella, then a councilor and now the mayor, authored it; Tomas Osmeña, the mayor at the time signed it; and Rama, then the presiding officer who also served as mayor attested to the City Council approval.


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