Bzzzzz: Looks like Junjun Davide gets another not-so-tough vice guv rival, as he did in 2019... Digong changes mind anew, runs for senator.

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Still Dr. Heyrosa for vice guv

DEADLINE for substitution of candidates for the 2022 elections closed November 15, with the running mate of reelectionist Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia staying on and not substituted.

Provincial Election Supervisor Lionel Marco Castellano confirmed to Bzzzz early evening Monday, November 15, there was no substitution of Dr. Maria Theresa Heyrosa who was announced last October 8 as One Cebu's candidate for vice governor four hours before the end of COCs filing.

Dr. Heyrosa is staying on, un-replaced. A number of local political watchers thought the pediatrician was a place-holder for someone else. The doctor has had no experience in politics or government service, with little or no "awareness/recognition" among the province voters.

One Cebu was reported last October 8 as saying Heyrosa was picked for her medical experience and would help the governor in managing the public health crisis.

Marie Daphne Salimbangon, Davide's opponent in 2019 for the vice governor's seat, is definitely better known than Dr. Heyrosa. Even as the daughter of late congressman Benhur Salimbangon, Daphne was less known and had fewer contacts than Junjun Davide in province politics. (The congressman died December 24, 2020 of lung cancer.)

Daphne got 44.19 percent (618,828 votes) against Junjun's 55.80 percent (781,312 votes), or a winner's margin of 11.61 percent or about 100,000 votes.

Heyrosa must score much less in "awareness/recognition" among the province populace than Daphne. After her baptism of fire in the last election, Daphne filed a COC for Bogo City mayor in the 2022 race.

The public knows little of Governor Gwen's running mate. No material has been added to the sparse information the public knew about Dr. Heyrosa when she first appeared on the political scene.


Digong changed mind again

A joke, bluff or burst of anger, President Rodrigo Duterte announced last Saturday, November 13, he'd ruin run for vice president -- and that did not happen, despite the repeated assurance at the time by PCOO chief Martin Andanar that Digong himself would return to the Comelec to file the COC.

Instead, somebody else filed Monday the President's COC, not for VP but for senator. And not under PDP-Laban Cusi wing, but under PDDS or Pederalismo ng Dugong Dakilang Samahan. He substituted one Mona Liza Visorde, another placeholder who is a virtual unknown, especially nationwide. A party decision, said PDDS founder Greco Belgica.

Senator Bong Go, who moved from VP to president, said Digong's transfer averted a fight between father and daughter Sara, who dropped her Davao City mayor reelection to the No. 2 post under Bongbong Marcos.

Earlier, the President (a) announced he'd run for VP, (b) then decided he would not as "people are against it," (c) changed his mind again after his daughter Sara filed a COC for VP instead of president, and (d) finally, on the last day for substitutions, settled for a senator's seat.


Bebot gets slot for another son

Representative Rodgrigo "Bebot" Abellanosa lost the BOPK slot for city mayor to Margot Osmeña, former city councilor and wife of former mayor and party chief Tomas Osmeña. But, to appease Bebot, Tomas withdrew his COC for congressman in the south district to allow Bebot's son -- BG Rodrigo -- to fill the slot.

The appeasement package must include another Bebot son -- Jose Lorenzo Abellanosa -- to run for city councilor also in the south. Jose Lorenzo substitutes San Nicolas Barangay Captain Clifford Jude Niñal, who withdrew his COC, on the last day to accommodate Jose Lorenzo.

All by the grace of party leaders and the Comelec rule on substitution of candidates.


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