Bzzzzz: From 'Nasaan..' to 'NasiraanAngPangulo.' Our choices for net noteworthy. What's up, what's next for Davide.

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Noteworthy at the net

[1] WHERE'S THE PREZ? AND THE VP? "Kon dunay #nasaanangpangulo duna sad diay kunoy #nasaanangVPtuwinggabi." [Fred Languido]

[2] FINDING "NASAANANGPANGULO." -- "No such thing as the VP looking for the president during Typhoon Ulysses. "Nasaanangpangulo" trended not during Ulysses but Rolly." [Bencyrus Gerona Ellorin]

-- "I never said 'Where is the president?' You can review all my tweets?" [Leni Robredo's tweet]

[3] SLOW RETURN. "Metro Cebu residents continue to slowly return to their workplaces... have been heading to beaches, parks and plazas, according to mobility data tracked by Google. But overall... visits to places outside the home were still way below the baseline in January 2020." [Max Limpag]

[4] GRABENG TRAPEK. Traffic "daily nightmare on the highway crossing Consolacion" called out to DPWH and "maybe" Rep. Lollipop Ouano-Dizon for solution. (Ellie L. Espinoza)

[5] IMELDA IN 'THE CROWN." Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham Carter) does an upper crust snooty recount of her meeting with (then) FL Imelda Marcos. They had a good laugh." [Marivir Montebon]

[6] TRENDING. #NasiraanAngPangulo (27,000 tweets), has trended for more than 10 hours as of 1:12 p.m. Wednesday, November 17, 2020. [Sources: trends24, Twitter Trends in the Philippines]

Speculations about Junjun

Fans and supporters of Cebu Vice Governor Hilario Davide III, who may be wondering what's on and what's next for Junjun, may be interested in the Top 10 segment of Jason Monteclar's "Not So Late Night Show" in the internet (Episode 17 of November 13 titled "Mactan"). They were all about VG Davide who since June 30 last year has been all but disappeared from the public scene.

Largely Junjun's fault because he has been tied to the seat of presiding officer by House rules at Provincial Board sessions and has not extricated himself from the unusual gag. Worse, he has not dared to speak out for or against Governor Gwen Garcia out on issues at the province and has not been publicly visible elsewhere.

Partly the fault of media that has not sought him out and has barely covered PB proceedings and Capitol's behind-the-scene stories.

So Jay M.'s Top 10 disclosures about Junjun promised update on the vice governor, with the implied caveat: it could be a mix of fact, speculation and sarcasm.

Titled "Posibleng buhaton ni Junjun Davide," the list gave some hints of his political plans in 2022:

[1] vie for Cebu's second district House seat, which Representative Wilfredo Caminero has occupied since 2013.

[2] run for councilor in Cebu City's north district, which Junjun had been for two terms, from 2004 to 2010.

[3] run for senator vs. Gov. Gwen Garcia; or

[4] run for governor vs. Mayor Cristina Franco of Liloan, Cebu.

Caminero is barred by term limit to run for congressman in 2022 but he has other options. He is a former Argao, Cebu mayor and Cebu Provincial Board member. More material will be the field of competition in the race for Caminero's seat.

Junjun could run for councilor but that would be quite a leap down, not up. Running for senator is out unless the Constitution is amended to convert the election for senators regional, instead of national. Running for governor again would be probable, especially if pressed by his party to fill the slot. But Gwen would be much tougher to beat, after he performance during the Covid-19 crisis.

The other "possibilities" in the list range from the clearly whimsical -- working as yoga instructor or engaging in money-lending in Manila -- to the slightly sexist: becoming a "full-time husband."


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