Bzzzzz: ‘No fight’ at Barug party; media group to ‘gang up’ on Nina Mabatid

Not even close

HOW does a verbal argument during a party become a full-blown quarrel? Tough to distinguish one from the other when there is no physical violence and the words are harsh and the exchange heated but the protagonists do not come near “trading” of blows or fists.

In such a situation, when the argument becomes furious and intense, indicated by raised voices or banged tables, news reporters use the phrase “in near fistfight” or “almost came into blows.” That description didn’t surface in accounts of the quarrel at the Barug Christmas party this week. Surely, not a verbal rumble, not even close to one.

The two Barug members allegedly involved in the “fracas” were Vice Mayor Mike Rama and Councilor Raymond Garcia. Garcia admitted to a verbal exchange. Rama said he was insulted by “senior councilors.” Both didn’t admit there was a real quarrel.

Long City Council sessions

APPARENTLY one issue that the booze flowing at the Barug Christmas party must have helped bring on the festive table was the way VM Mike Rama, who presides sessions at the Cebu City Council, runs things. They are reportedly “extraordinarily long,” caused or abetted most likely by Mike’s “reputed propensity to be verbose.”

One long-running joke overheard by a Bzzzzz source is that they gagged the wrong presiding officer. “It should not have been (Vice Gov.) Junjun Davide at the Provincial Board who was gagged but (Vice Mayor) Mike Rama at the City Council.” Under PB rules, Davide’s right to speak out during sessions has been effectively curtailed.

Thanks to the “insults” made by aggrieved councilors during the Christmas party, Mike announced there would be changes in the way things would be run at the City Council starting in the first session next January.

The changes, City Hall watchers guess, will be topped by Mike not zipping his lips but Mike speeding up the proceedings, which must include Mike judiciously picking the moments when to speak up.

Pact against Niña

A FACEBOOK post “reports” a supposed agreement among members of a media group to concentrate their fire on feisty and controversial Cebu City north Councilor Niña Mabatid.

The pact to train their artillery fire, mostly in radio programs, on the councilor -- who had engaged in a running feud with Barug party members former city councilor Jun Alcover and former barangay captain Ramil Ayuman – was reportedly sealed during, again, a Christmas gathering.

It was not clarified whether that happened before or after Mabatid and the Alcover-Auman duo agreed to a truce in the presence of party leaders Mayor Edgar Labella and VM Rama.

One City Hall watcher said that would not matter because the ceasefire applies only to the protagonists, who made up but didn’t kiss, not to their sympathizers. The theory being this: Alcover-Ayuman sympathizers are not parties to the truce. In the same manner, Mabatid’s sympathizers are not also bound by the deal.


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