Bzzzzz: Ping Lacson's 'hinapay' has a lot to do with 2022. Tomas, unlike Digong, won't touch Edgar's hair. No photo or video of the mayor. 'Lutong' Carbon, er, Makaw?

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Who's Atty. Pila?

BROADCASTER Eric S. Manait of dyCM radio keeps talking about a councilor whom he dubs as "Atty. Pila" because the attorney always asks for the amount of the cut.

Which reminds people of someone in Mandaue City whom broadcasters used to call "Miss Pila," because any transaction on which the local government had a say drew the inevitable question, "Pila?" or how much?

Clues on "Atty. Pila": councilor of a town near three cities, a lawyer, and, let's stop there.

Relevance of Ping's hairdo

President Rodrigo Duterte of the national PDP-Laban is not Tomas Osmeña of the local BOPK. Digong doesn't behave like Tomas.

The President Tuesday, August 31, poked fun at the change of hairstyle among male politicians, called "hinapay" by the Bisaya folk. "Lahat kayo pati si Ping, iba na ang hinapay," the President mocked.

Senator Panfilo Lacson did have a "new" look, which included some change in the way he does his hair, part of the reinvention his handlers must have done for his presidential bid in 2022.

No, the president is not in panic mode, He's being naughty, apparently to distract the senators from their job of poking into the multibillion peso mess in government spending against the pandemic.

Recall that the BOPK chief didn't make any reference to the hair of Mayor Edgar Labella, his rival in the campaign for the last local election. Not Tomas himself. But a section of what was perceived as BOPK propaganda machine did.

That may not happen again. Edgar is not sure to run, unless his health dramatically improves. So is Tomas, who is reportedly convinced by his wife Margot that running for mayor again might do worse than Covid could.

No image, voice from Edgar

Speaking of Mayor Labella, not a part of the mayor's physical body has been seen in still photo or live video, not a squeak or squawk from him during the past 12 days since he re-assumed office last August 19, after the long medical leave in his series of medical leaves.

His constituents can't see or hear him at City Hall or anywhere else, not even at or from his home, where he is supposed to be working. Out of sight or hearing, not even on City Hall social media pages.

Odd for any politician, even one who may be planning not to seek reelection.

BOPK moles at City Hall

Someone from the BOPK camp told a Bzzzzz source they don't need to resort to personalities, such as mocking the rival's hair or manner of speech, because they've a "truckload of issues" against the Barug administration.

The source must be referring to the major controversies at City Hall, which the Sanggunian has exposed and the executive department has failed to explain, if it tried at all.

The BOPK must still have its moles in the accounting and treasury departments. Copies of some papers about purchases the City Council tried to get but was repeatedly denied are said to be in the hands of the "enemy."

'Lutong Carbon ' in the making

Vice Mayor Mike Rama, in his August 26 statement, said that if the City Council won't "reexamine" the Megawide-City joint venture agreement on Carbon market, it can be "inferred" that they're having a "lutong macaw" -- and were complicit to it.

"Lutong macaw" means pre-cooked food, something that is prepared way ahead to assure the outcome desired by the cooks. Referring to contest or competition or a deal, it means the result is rigged. A parallel metaphor is that the chief executive's office cooked it and the Sanggunian did the tasting and quality control. And both bodies seem to have flunked.

Not far-fetched if locals would come up with a new phrase to mean rigged deal: "Lutong Carbon."


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