Bzzzzz: Richard Yap asks Niña Mabatid: Are you the mother, why are you always the one daring me? Court may order DNA test. Yap can refuse, at a price... Mike Rama introduces wife Malou on CCLEX bridge.

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Mabatid’s dare and bet

TV ENTERTAINER and candidate for congressman in Cebu City’s north district Richard Yap is clearly pissed off by Councilor and rival candidate for the same House seat Prisca Niña Mabatid over the issue Joshua Paolo Jensen who has sued Yap for compulsory recognition of paternity.

Paolo, 24, from Cavite City, established residence in Cebu just to be able to file the complaint in the local Regional Trial Court. He said he just wants the DNA test to settle once and for all whether Yap is his biological father. Yap has insisted he is not but won’t submit to the test.

Yap tossed the issue to the lawyers, who’ll most likely tell him that the court, after notice and hearing, may decide to order the DNA test. He cannot be compelled physically to take the test if he’d still refuse despite a court order. But the court may rule on the paternity based on other evidence. The DNA test though is generally accepted as reliable in determining that a man is most likely the father or not the father of a child.

But Yap wondered why Councilor Mabatid “is always the one” daring him to take the test. "Is she the mother" of Joshua Paolo?

Mabatid has been more than just daring or teasing Yap. She also bets her candidacy or her councilor’s seat (she didn’t specify to Bzzzzz) that the DNA test will show he is Joshua’s father.


Will Mrs. Rama stand?

THE second wife of Cebu City Acting Mayor Mike Rama was finally introduced to the public at the ceremony opening the main bridge deck of the Cebu Cordova Expressway (CCLEX) Friday, October 29, just a few hours after their wedding.

AM Rama greeted his fellow important guests and introduced the woman he married on his 67th birthday the previous day (October 28). “Malou Mandanag-Rama, can you please stand up?” Mrs. Rama could and she did.

Malou is the mother of AM Mike’s youngest son; she used to work at the city treasurer’s office. Mike’s marriage to Araceli Francisco -- with whom he has two children, communications masters-degree holder Micheline and lawyer Mikel -- was annulled in July 2000.


Facebook spenders

Media influencer Max Limpag gave a glimpse of how Cebu politicians spend money on Facebook as part of their propaganda initiative for the May 2022 elections.

Here is what his research into FB figures for the last 90 days produced: Paz Radaza; P86.9K, PJ Garcia, P55.6K; Atty. Rajiv Enad, P31.6K; Duke Frasco, P26K; Franklyn Ong, P23.1K; Niña Mabatid, P8.8K; Cindi King-Chan, P7.6K; Harry Radaza, P5.05K; Ahong Chan, P4.14K; Ace Durano-Junjun Davide, P15.

Those are just initial spenders and figures. They don’t tell yet the extent of Facebook advertising usage for this election season.


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