Bzzzzz: Salceda says congressmen 'fear' Duterte, vote upon his wishes

PEOPLE talk about...

[1] BONUSES THAT CEBU CITY HALL EMPLOYEES WILL GET. An across-the-board P20,000 per employee or official: regular, casual or elected. That on top of the 13th and 14th month pay. The award or incentive is not based on work performance, attendance or conduct. When do they get the money? "Depending on how fast" the payroll will be processed.

[2] HOW LONG VP LENI ROBREDO WILL LAST IN HER POST AS ICAD CO-CHAIRPERSON. Depends on how long she can endure anti-Robredo remarks from President Rodrigo Duterte or how long he can tolerate her presence in his government.

Apparently, he didn't expect the VP to benefit PR-wise from the appointment. Despite the taunts from pro-Duterte forces, Robredo manages to keep her head high and ride on.

Wednesday, former President Noynoy Aquino said Duterte shouldn't have appointed her if he didn't trust her. Senator Ping Lacson speculated that Duterte is giving hints for Leni to resign.

[3] SLIP OF JUDGMENT, NOT TONGUE. Joey Salceda, Albay second district representative and an administration ally, Tuesday (November 19) described the Duterte government an "authoritarian regime" for spending P50 million for a huge cauldron for the Asean Games that open November 30.

Context of what he said in an ANC interview indicates he meant "authoritarian" as in dictatorial rule: the cauldron was "reasonable," he said, but "Imeldefic," "with grandiosity." "Authoritarian regimes are always, you know, because you need to symbolize."

When pressed by Karen Davila, "Headstart" host, if Duterte was ruling under an authoritarian regime. Salceda said, "In consequence, yes, but not in character." Moments later, because Davila gave him the chance to get himself out of the hole, he changed "authoritarian to authoritative." But only after he revealed that they, congressmen, vote in the House as the president wishes out of fear for him.

A slip of tongue, one news report said. More of a lapse in judgment.

[4] GRILLING OF BONG GO BY DRILON at the Senate last November 14 is circulating on social media, showing how ill-prepared the neophyte senator was in defending the P15.5-billion budget of the Bases Conversion and Development Authority against questions by Senator Franklin Drilon. Worse, the video clip of the interpellation showed Go woefully plodding on as he was being coached by two BCDA officials beside him.

Senator Bong, however, was not the sponsor; why he took on the questions about the SEA Games facilities becoming white elephants after the competition was not explained.


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