Bzzzzz: Speculations: Chiong for congressman; Junjun O. for mayor

PEOPLE talk about...

[1] HOUSE SPEAKER CAYETANO'S REMARK THAT THE SENATORS WERE BEING 'SIPSIP' TO ABS-CBN. That's for holding the hearing on the broadcast network's franchise. How about the House members? They were also being "sipsip," by sitting on the franchise bills, to those who wanted the network to stop operating? Which of two groups was more "sipsip"?

[2] "GILANGAW ANG EDSA." Critics have been saying that of the 1986 anniversary celebration in the last few years. The crowds are getting thinner each year, depending upon what the sitting president thinks of the "revolution."

Only if Eddiegul gives way

Naga City [Cebu] Mayor Val Chiong is eyeing, or being groomed for, the House seat occupied by Representative Eduardo Gullas.

The speculation that Chiong will run for congressman in 2022 is among the guesses that political watchers have raised following Val's resignation as mayor effective March 16.

Chiong himself gave as his reason the wish to give way to young leaders of the town, He will be resting, Chiong, 59, said. Other speculations include concern about his health but there are no specific to support that theory.

Whatever, he won't be resting if he'll be going the rounds of the first district to prepare for his congressional bid. And his excuse about giving way to the young won't wash if he gives up the mayorship only to seek another elective post,

Besides, he wouldn't want to fight Gullas who is considered to have a tight control over the district. Representative Eddiegul would still have two terms after this term, which he could still handily secure, barring a monstrous issue against him.

Mayor Chiong would only have a good chance of becoming congressman if Eddiegul would give way for him, as the mayor now does "for the young" of Naga City.

Junjun, Georgia, Tomas, Margot

Another speculation is that another Osmeña, not former Tomas Osmeña, might run for Cebu City mayor in 2022.

He is Renato "Junjun" Osmeña Jr., eldest son of the late former vice mayor Renato Osmeña.

Broadcaster Choy Torralba on dyRF's "Tug-ani ang Lungsod," mentioned Junjun when somebody said the Osmeña clan had run out of mayoral timber for the next election.

Junjun was appointed by President Duterte to the seat vacated by councilor Hanz Abella in December 2017. He was among the Barug-PDP Laban councilors who won in Cebu City south in the last election, placing #5 in a batch of eight. In 2018, he reported P41.3 million as his assets, which made him the richest city councilor in that year.

Then there's also Georgia Osmeña, sister of Tomas, who ran for mayor in 2010. But Junjun and Margot are two Osmeñas who have stood against Tomas. Georgia previously ran against Mike Rama, Tomas's BOPK bet at the time while Junjun won as Barug candidate in 2019.

Junjun might run only if Mayor Edgar Labella or Vice Mayor Mike Rama wouldn't run for chief executive, unless the councilor would muddle the waters some more by joining the fray.

On the BOPK side, the possible runners are Tomas, who was reportedly raring to make a comeback; his wife Margot; or their "unico hijo" Miguel, who made a virgin appearance at the party rally on the homestretch of the 2019 elections.


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