Cabaero: ‘People power’ against Covid

Nini Cabaero
·2 min read

THE Edsa People Power Revolution that happened 35 years ago has been called the triumph of good over evil. The fight against Covid-19 has also been described as such -- a struggle to defeat evil.

Filipinos succeeded in removing a dictator and replacing the government in that revolt at Edsa on Feb. 25, 1986. In the battle now against the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic, the country needs the same resolve and bravery to stop the virus and protect the people. This can be achieved at the least by Filipinos doing their part in sticking to safety protocols.

It is as simple as covering the mouth and nose with a mask when going out, wearing a face shield for extra protection, keeping physical distance from others. It is as simple as staying at home when there is no urgent need to go out. Through these means, one shows love for country and fellow Filipinos. That, too, is people power and the essence of the revolution in 1986.

But, no, there is no sense of being one, no support for each other, when people go out without masks or with masks under the chin or below the nose and face shields on the head instead of covering the face.

People power is not a method solely for ousting a dictatorship. It is about power that resides in the people to correct social ills and, during this pandemic, that means doing our part to stop the spread of the Sars-CoV-2 and its many variants that cause Covid-19.

With the anniversary happening this Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021, it is an opportune time to rally Filipinos behind a different kind of battle, the one against the Covid-19 pandemic that has robbed people of their jobs, separated families, made us sick and killed loved ones.

Government will hold rallies and activities to talk about the power of the people but all these Edsa anniversary events must be focused on having the public unite and cooperate to fight the virus.

The Department of the Interior and Local Government has issued a memo asking local officials to hold activities to remind the public of “the principles and values that the Edsa People Power Revolution stands for...,” in accordance to protocols set by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases.

There was no call to relate Filipino bravery to the fight against the pandemic. Every day, medical frontliners continue to risk their health and life and those of their families to tend to the sick and dying. That is bravery inspired by Edsa.

Amid the rising number of cases, these frontliners show courage not much different from the one displayed at Edsa when nuns, students, ordinary folk stopped huge guns and tanks with flowers and their bodies. Only this time they stand before an invisible virus.