Cadillac sells out Lyriq Debut Edition reservations in 10 minutes

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Cadillac opened reservations for the 2023 Lyriq Debut Edition electric crossover at 4 p.m. EDT on Saturday afternoon. Anyone could put down a refundable $100 to reserve a buying slot for Cadillac's limited-run first salvo at the brand's all-EV future. At 4:19 p.m., the automaker tweeted that "every Debut Edition has been reserved." According to GM Vice President Rory Harvey, the process took "just over" 10 minutes. First, we'll say "Congratulations!" to Cadillac. Then we'll say: We have no idea what the news means. See, Cadillac has declined to say how many reservations it made available and how many Debut Editions it's building.

We don't know why the crest and wreath brand is being so coy, but we can imagine at least one reason. GM and Cadillac can attract such wild reactions that unless the Lyriq booked an absurdly large number of reservations in an absurdly short time, both brands were going to get flayed by comparisons to other EV makers. Still, since Cadillac's playing the long game with this entire transition to EVs, we wish it had placed its neck gracefully in the guillotine anyway.

The Lyriq Debut Edition that no one can buy anymore unless reservation holders bow out comes with a 100.4-kWh battery pack, a single e-motor on the rear axle putting out 340 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque for a range claimed to be "more than 300 miles," a glass roof, 19-speaker AKG audio, heated steering wheel, and 20-inch wheels standard, 22-inchers optional. The only two colors available are Satin Steel Metallic and Stellar Black Metallic. Tech features include adaptive cruise control, HD Surround and Vision recorder, rear camera mirror, and, of course, the 33-inch curved display across the instrument panel. First deliveries for the rakish $59,990 CUV are expected in early 2022.

The next order slots will open for standard Lyriq trims in summer 2022. Based on Cadillac's Twitter feed, quite a few internet users wanted to reserve Debut Edition cars but were prevented from doing so. If first reports from the early deliveries are positive, Cadillac might hold onto last weekend's demand until next summer.

And not only will the brand have a widely available new vehicle then, it will have a new consumer look. Last year, Cadillac told its dealers what they would need to do with their stores to prepare for the EV era, including spending around $200,000 on EV infrastructure and tools. To make sure it had their hearts and minds — and to trim a few laggards among its roughly 880 dealers — GM offered buyouts of up to $500,000 to any store that wanted to get off the ride. Automotive News reported that around 150 dealers took GM up on its offer. But this is about repositioning, not just downsizing, so other dealerships are opening in places like Manhattan, New York, and Beverly Hills and San Jose, California, to give Cadillac home field advantages among luxury EV adopters.

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