Woman throws chair and launches extraordinary rant in chaotic council meeting

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Watch: Woman throws chair at council meeting over planning dispute

A woman said she hoped a new building was destroyed after it was given planning permission during a chaotic council meeting in north London.

The resident flew into a rage over a new West Hampstead development that was approved against the wishes of some locals.

During the meeting, broadcast live on Camden Council's website on Thursday, she said: "It looks like a f****** prison when you see it. I hope Al-Qaeda bombs the f****** ugly thing."

The woman continued using profanity as she left, adding: "I hope you sleep well at night known that you have destroyed and you are destroying a beautiful town. How dare you. How f***** dare you."

She then threw a chair to the floor.

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She was not happy. (Camden Council)
She was not happy. (Camden Council)

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Councillors voted to build four three-floor houses in Gondar Gardens, the Camden New Journal reported.

The development includes cycle parking areas and bin locations near a green area with two trees.

The objection from residents read: “The scheme would block our main source of light and render our flat much darker.

"It is shocking and appalling that the planning officer didn’t even bother to do a site visit and considers the loss of daylight ‘’immaterial’.

“By granting this application the planning committee would deprive us of light (and the other three residents on the south side) and spoil our enjoyment of our home to the degree where we would have to consider moving out.”

Camden planning officers recommended planning permission be granted, with the report saying: "The proposed development would occupy most of the currently open plot with a new three storey building.

"There would be some impacts on residential amenities of neighbouring occupiers but these are considered acceptable on balance, and any harm found would need to be balanced against the scheme's contribution towards housing."

Some of the footage of the woman's outburst has since been edited out of the Camden Council meeting video.

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