Camille Prats on creating memories through play: “For me, nothing is more fulfilling than seeing your children happy.”

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Johnson’s Baby encourages parents to protect the joy of play. Find out how their celebrity mombassador, Camille Prats uses play to create happy memories with her kids.

In this article, you’ll read:

  • Camille Prats fond memories of playing as a child

  • Camille Prats and kids’ favorite bonding activities

  • How Mommy Camille handles sibling rivalry

If you’re a 90s kid, you probably still remember her in her role as Sarah: ang Munting Prinsesa, or hamming it up with other child stars in Ang TV. But Camille Prats is all grown up, married (she is now Camille Prats-Yambao), and now a mom to three kids.

Despite working at a young age, Camille had so many fond memories of her childhood. Like other kids of her generation, Camille can still recall how happy she was, playing on the streets with her neighbors.

“My fondest memories as a child are playing patintero, tumbang, preso, chinese garter, and other outdoor games right in front of our house on the sidewalk. As a kid, it felt like our sidewalk is actually big enough for all those games. It was the best time of my childhood, playing with my neighbors.”

Camille Prats, protecting the joy of play for her kids

camille prats kids
camille prats kids

Image from Camille Prats-Yambao Instagram account

Now that she’s a mom, Camille wants her kids Nathan (11), Nala (4), and Nolan (1) to have the same joyful childhood memories growing up.

Because of the pandemic, playing and other forms of recreation and socialization have become limited for our children. They’re no longer able to have playdates with other kids, they can’t go outside and go to the playground whenever they want.

How do they cope? They play.

For Camille, playing has been one of the ways for her kids to reduce stress and adapt to the changes happening around them.

“Play eases their stress from not being able to fully grasp the situation that we are currently facing as well as coping with the difference of how they do school (online distance learning).

They may not be able to fully express their thoughts regarding the pandemic. So playing becomes the key for kids to adapt to the abrupt changes brought about by the pandemic,” she said.

Camille believes is a way for kids to express themselves during this pandemic, and as a mombassador for Johnson’s Baby, she aims to protect the joy of play for her children.

“Playing is where they are at their happiest, where they are also able to express themselves. Having said this and together with JOHNSON’S®, as a mom I would do anything to Protect the Joy of Play to keep my kids happier!

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Camille Prats and kids bonding activities

Having three kids is no picnic, especially if you have kids with big age gaps as Camille does. There can be sibling rivalry, and one of the kids always vying for mom’s attention.

So how does the young mom of three make sure that each of her kids feels special?

“I make sure I attend to them whenever they need me. With Nathan it’s easier coz he’s older and his needs are different as compared to Nala and Nolan. But for the 2 toddlers, they copy each other and want to do things at the same time, medyo struggle but we always end up doing things together. I always encourage them to play together,” Camille shared.

She also found that doing activities together as a family helps their family bond and also strengthens her relationship with her kids.


camille prats kids
camille prats kids

Image from Camille Prats-Yambao Instagram account

“Playing is really one of the most important things we do as a family to be able to bond and create wonderful memories with our children.

For me, nothing is more fulfilling than seeing your children happy. Their laughter is music to my ears, nakakawala ng pagod at worries.

Playing with your children enhances your relationship with them, making it easier to have them listen to you and obey you because they trust you and they love being around you and spending time with you,” she said.

Camille shares that they play together as a family, whether it’s pretend play (doctors and firefighters are their favorites), or throwing some pillows on the floor to play one big game of “The Floor is Lava.”

She also has separate bonding moments with each of them.

“With Nala, she enjoys playing dress up and trying out different hairstyles. She’s very kikay and she really loves being a princess. With Nathan, we enjoy watching our favorite series together and playing twister.”

Camille Prats also makes bathtime fun for her kids with the help of Johnson’s Active Fresh Wash and Johnson’s Strong and Healthy Shampoo. “We fill up (our empty bottles) with water and use it in the tub where they can play and beat the summer heat,” she shares.

camille prats kids
camille prats kids

Image from Camille Prats-Yambao Instagram account

Together with Johnson’s Baby, Camille encourages other moms to protect the joy of play for their kids by spending time with them and being part of the experience.

“Despite being busy as a working mom, homemaker, and other roles that we take as parents during this pandemic, our kids will always see us moms as their favorite playmate! This is why it is up to moms to Protect the Joy of Play by spending some time playing with their kids at home– together with the help of JOHNSON’S®.”

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