Campaign to make 4K solar lights set

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GLOBAL and grassroots movement Liter of Light has launched its Light It Forward program in Cebu to encourage the private and public sectors to help communities with limited or no access to electricity by providing solar lamps.

Founded by Illac Diaz, executive director and global founder of the Liter of Light Global Foundation, the movement pushes for the inexpensive, readily available materials to provide high quality solar lighting to people with limited or no access to electricity.

On April 27, the Light it Forward Cebu campaign aims to make 4,000 solar lights to celebrate the 500 years of discovery of Christianity in the Philippines while at the same time caring for the environment.

“We are hoping to gather thousands of heroes among Cebuanos to show the world the 500th Quincentennial Commemorations in the Philippines. What we’re hoping is for the private sector to make sure that the majority of the young people online get to participate and one of the highest priorities is the Visayas,” Diaz said during the online launch on Thursday, April

22, 2021.

“We want hundreds of young people trapped inside their houses for more than a year to feel inspired by this great Cebu event. With just 30 minutes of their time, they will be able build a solar light to give light to other people in the Visayas, in Bohol, Negros Oriental and Cebu,” he added. “We wanted, even during the times of Covid-19, to bring out the Filipino heroism.”

The campaign also aims to build a 150 meters in diameter image of the Visayan warrior tattoo together with the Cebu City Government, AirAsia and SM Seaside City Cebu.

Liter of Light is a Unesco partner with 1,000,000 plus solar lights installed in around 30 country chapters.

The movement also has 1,400 youth members with hyper local production helping 650 empowered women cooperatives through microloans.

In its website, Liter of Light said through social media and community replication, the movement has spread to 145,200 households in the Philippines, and 353,600 plus homes in over 15 countries with main offices in Philippines, USA, and Colombia.

Women’s cooperatives now operate building the Liter of Light @ Night lights in the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Colombia. (JOB)