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Friday 10, July

The Moon and Sun in your sign are in a gorgeous trine formation, making this a very fine Friday. And with lunar energy still in Pisces, your sister water sign, your mind is expanding at an exponential rate. You're picking up all the ideas and all the vibes, Cancer - even some that you may not have expected.

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Thursday 09, July

The Moon is in your sweet sister water sign, so everything should feel a lot better today than it has in a while. With lunar energy gliding through magical Pisces while trining the Sun and Mercury, you might as well be floating on a pink marshmallow cloud, Cancer.

Wednesday 08, July

Mars is squaring Mercury in your stars. Because the communication planet is still retrograde, the day-to-day wonkiness is up about a thousand notches at the moment. Even the calmest conversation can suddenly spiral into a pitched battle. Don't let your ego get involved, Cancer - and avoid all conflict if you can.

Tuesday 07, July

Now that the Moon is in Aquarius, it feels like a fresh, new week - even more than it did on Monday morning. With lunar energy moving through your house of transformation, you're ready to fully implement the deep changes you've only let yourself think about, Cancer. No holding back - you're all in now.

Monday 06, July

You've just endured one of the most intense and transformative eclipse seasons on record, so if you still feel a bit traumatized there is a good reason for that, Cancer. But you no longer have to brace yourself for incoming jolts of cosmic dread - you're over the hump and you can get grounded once again.

Sunday 05, July

Today brings the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - the last of the three-part series. This one is hitting your relationship zone and lighting up your opposite sign. Endings are inevitable but that doesn't make them any easier. If you have to part ways with anyone, trust that those who are meant to remain in your life will be back and some will be with you for the long haul, no matter what.

Saturday 04, July

The Moon moves into your opposite stars of Capricorn today. It's the day before the big eclipse so no wonder you're feeling all of the feels. Take your time and put your attention on your close relationships. The more you feel stressed or rushed, the less control you have and the more emotional you become.

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