Capitol to address Dalaguete’s excess supply of cabbage

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THE Cebu Provincial Government is planning to buy the excess supply of cabbage from farmers in Dalaguete town, southern Cebu, and distribute them to charities, district and provincial hospitals, religious organizations, jail facilities, and police offices, and other institutions.

It is also planning to tap community pantries as a venue to encourage individuals to distribute food, such as vegetables, to those in need.

The excess supply of cabbage is a result of a steep decrease in demand as an effect of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic, according to Sugbo News.

In 2020 when strict quarantine checkpoints were enforced for months, at least two tons of unsold assorted vegetables go to waste daily in Dalaguete, which is considered Cebu’s “Vegetable Basket.” This resulted in huge losses for the farmers.

This prompted the Cebu Provincial Government to buy 35,000 kilos of excess cabbages worth P250,000 to prevent wastage. The amount was divided among 300 farmers affected by the oversupply.

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This year, the decrease in demand has forced farmers to sell their premium cabbages for as low as P3 to P4 per kilo.

Dalaguete Mayor Jeffrey Belciña that their farmers have harvested an excess of five tons of cabbage per day, which is lower than the excess of 10 to 15 tons of cabbage harvested per day last year.

He said that even during the administration of former Mayor Ronald Allan Cesante, each barangay in the town had been asked to focus on producing a certain vegetable or crop.

One barangay was told to plant pechay, another to propagate cabbage, while the rest were for carrots, beans, eggplants, and others. But some farmers insist that their land is best suited for cabbage. (NRC/With PR)