Capitol to start automated ticketing system at CSBT on April 15

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TO REDUCE the long queues, especially during the weekends, the Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT) will implement a centralized automated ticketing system starting April 15, 2021.

The Cebu Provincial Government recently signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with Topline Hi-Tech Synergy Corporation after the latter was designated as the exclusive service provider and systems developer for the design, supply installation, operation, and maintenance of a centralized automated ticketing system at the CSBT.

The MOA conforms to the Cebu Provincial Board Resolution No. 2005-2020 dated September 21, 2020.

The Cebu Provincial Government and Topline will hold a dry run of the system on March 15 and a full dry run on March 22. Topline’s equipment for the system, information boards, and signages are already in place at the CSBT.

On March 9, Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia issued Executive Order No. 15 requiring bus operators that use the CSBT as their primary terminal to sign an MOA with Topline to delineate functions and responsibilities, including fare collections and remittances. Otherwise, they may not be allowed to use the bus terminal.

The Cebu Provincial Government, in a report by Sugbo News, said that the arrangement with Topline and the EO are aligned with the June 19, 2017 order of the Department of Transportation directing the installation of an automated fare collection system on all modes of public transportation.

About the centralized automated ticketing system

• Suroy Suroy tap cards, which are reloadable stored value cards, will be used to pay for bus fares instead of cash.

• After passing the metal detector for security check, passengers with Suroy Suroy tap cards will proceed directly to the turnstile gates.

• Bus fares will be deducted from the card after tapping it or scanning the QR ticket on the automated teller machines.

About the Suroy Suroy tap cards

• Passengers can get these cards from loading terminals for P100 with an initial load credit of P70 and a refundable deposit of P30 for the use of the card.

• The refundable deposit will be paid back to the passenger if they wish to return the card.

• Passengers can also get the cards online by registering or logging in on a banking app or automated online payments, such as GCash.