Car caught in awkward spot after getting sandwiched between night market stalls in Baguio City

Just about everyone knows about Baguio City’s night market, where sellers peddle everything from preloved clothes to street food on the stretch of the Harrison Road, just in front of Burnham Park.

Well, not everyone, it seems — a car parked along the popular road was caught in an awkward parking spot after it was sandwiched between one of the market’s many stalls, which begin operating from 9pm onwards.

The city allows the public to park along the road only from 7am to 7pm.

The city’s public information office posted the image on their page to the amusement of locals.

“Seems like even the car is for sale, now,” one user joked.

Meanwhile, others who have experienced a similar situation said the owner was just likely around the area.

“I’m sure the car owner is just around pretending to shop, but is actually waiting for everyone else to leave. I should know, that happened to us too when we were trapped,” another said.

“The owner must be so sleepy after having to wait to move his car,” another commented.

Meanwhile, others suggested that city officials put up signs reminding people of the parking time limit as others may not be aware.

“There should really be a signage [informing people] as some drivers like me are not aware of the time,” one said.