Carcar City mayor cracks down on erring vendors of lechon to save city’s ‘tarnished’ reputation

CARCAR City in southern Cebu has been the go-to place for connoisseurs of the roasted pig, most popularly known as lechon.

However, recent complaints from netizens regarding the quality of lechon sold and the behavior and attitude of their vendors have tainted the city’s reputation.

On Thursday, Nov. 17, 2022, Mayor Patrick Barcenas warned lechon vendors to get their acts together.

He said their stalls should be clean, their lechon not stale and they must treat potential customers with respect. Otherwise, they could face a fine of P500 or lose their business.

Carcar City is home to 15 lechon vendors, 12 of whom have stalls inside the public market while the rest sell outside.

To attract buyers, Barcenas said vendors should avoid mixing newly roasted pigs with unsold leftovers.

He said they can beckon to a customer and offer them a taste of the lechon, but a customer shouldn’t be forced to buy if he decides not to.

He said they should also wrap the lechon in foil or banana leaves before putting it in the plastic so it won’t smell and go bad.

He also warned vendors not to fight for customers or block their paths.

“My number one instruction to them is to preserve the quality of the lechon. Don’t mix the unsold leftovers with the fresh lechon,” he said in Cebuano.

Ordinance against erring lechon sellers

Barcenas wants to come up with an ordinance that will penalize those who violate their agreement, including allowing only two persons in a stall.

“It’s like an internal agreement with them to assign two persons per stall. One will accept payment and hand out change while the other chops up the lechon and packs it. There will be no more dispatchers to accost customers,” he said in Cebuano.

To ensure orderliness in the market, the mayor also assigned a monitoring team consisting of members of the City Security Unit and staff from the Market Administration Office. (ANV / PJB)