Carcar City mayor turns a deaf ear to erring lechon vendors’ appeal

THREE of the four owners of lechon stalls inside the Carcar City Public Market that were shut down on Friday afternoon, Nov. 8, 2019, for various violations have appealed to Mayor Mercedita Apura to reconsider her order.

They were found to have been lacking mayor’s and sanitary permits, using inaccurate weighing scales, peddling and hawking by sales attendants in the passageway and selling leftovers or reheated lechon.

Apura, in a phone interview, said the owners apologized to her last Friday night and pleaded with her to reopen their stalls before December. Two of them were subject of the complaint of would-be buyers who had narrated on Facebook their upsetting experience with the lechon vendors.

However, the mayor said she denied their appeal because she wanted to teach them a lesson.

She said the vendors cannot return to their stalls in the public market. She said the stall owners should be penalized for their violations.

“Ingon ko nila nga wala na tay mahimo. Inyo naman gyud gibuhat. So, lesson na ni ninyo. If ever naay higayon nga ihatag ninyo, ayaw gyud ninyo’g usiki (I told them, there’s nothing I can do. They’ve committed the violations. So, let this be a lesson to them. If ever they are given a chance to sell inside the public market again, they should not waste it),” Apura said.

Meanwhile, some stalls in the fish and meat section were also closed last Friday because these were operating without a business permit.

Apura said the affected vendors had assured her they would secure their business permits immediately.

The mayor gave them one week to do so, otherwise their stalls would remain shut. / JCT