Carcar City reports 6 more cases of Covid-19

THE local government of Carcar in Cebu reported six additional cases of coronavirus infections, bringing the city's total count to 16, as of June 23.

The new cases have been tagged as patients 11 to 16.

The LGU Carcar, in its Facebook page, said patient 11 is a 12-year-old minor from Barangay Poblacion 1 who has been staying in one of the hospitals in Cebu City for her post-operation recovery.

She was operated in the hospital, tested and turned out positive for the new virus that causes the coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Patient 12 is from Barangay Tuyom. "She has been taking care of her son who is currently admitted in one of the public hospitals in Cebu City. Both have been staying in the same hospital for almost three months before got tested of Covid-19," the LGU Carcar added.

Another case, Patient 13, is also from Barangay Poblacion 1. She is a hairdresser and one of the close contacts of Patient 8, as she was hired to do a home service before the latter's positive Covid test result came out.

Patient 14 is the husband of Patient 9 and both are from Poblacion 1. The former is one of the two frontliners from the City Health Office of Carcar.

Patient 15 and Patient 16 are family members of Patient 8, the husband and the son, both are from Valladolid Proper. "They have been isolated from the day she tested positive of Covid," said the LGU Carcar.

The local government added that the first degree contact of Patient 4 has tested negative for the virus and has been released but still considered as person under monitoring.

"Today, we have recorded the most number of positive cases from our city. Anyhow, we are still positive that everyone will get through this if we will follow all health protocols required," said Anthony John Apura, president of the Association of Barangay Captains, in the same Facebook post. (LMY)