Carcar police won’t charge netizen who posted kidnapping hoax

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THE Carcar City police have decided not to file a case against Kylie Mae Aledo after she issued a public apology over the kidnapping hoax that she posted on social media.

Aledo also went to the Carcar City Police Station to explain her side on the issue after her post went viral and was shared by more than 1,000 netizens, including the police station.

Lt. Col. Ardioleto Cabagnot, chief of the Carcar City Police Station, said the woman had sought their apology and explained to them that she was forced to post on her Facebook account after getting traumatized by her experience when a person inside a passing vehicle opened the car’s window and catcalled her.

She, however, apologized to the car owner for taking a picture of the vehicle and uploading it on social media.

Cabagnot said he told Aledo about the damage she had done through her post.

The police official said the female social media user was liable for posting the picture of the car, but the vehicle’s driver did not file a case against her.

Cabagnot earlier announced that there was no kidnapping in the city.

He said the police have always conducted mobile and foot patrols throughout the city to deter anyone from committing crimes.