Carer Uses Pumpkin Guards to Protect Terrified Kitten From Vacuum

A woman set up a clever barrier to protect a foster kitten from a robot vacuum cleaner in her New York apartment.

This footage uploaded by Miranda Etchison to her TikTok account, shows a little black kitten, named Luna, cowering in the bathroom as the vacuum approaches, bumping into two large pumpkins blocking the doorway.

Etchison told Storyful that she had taken Luna and her brother Leo in as foster kittens about a month ago, explaining that “Luna is much more timid and shy while Leo is super outgoing. I purchased a floor vacuum and this was the second time we’d used it in the apartment.”

“The vacuum DOES come with features to block off ‘no go areas’ but in the interest of trying it out, I set up the pumpkins as a quick fix to give Luna some comfort she could hang out in there and not be bothered.” Etchison continued. Credit: Miranda Etchison via Storyful

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