Caring Filipino woman hand sews hundreds of masks for volcanic ashfall victims

A mother from the Philippines has made hundreds of hand-sewn masks to give away to those affected by ashfall the Taal Volcano eruption after shops sold out.

Rosalina Mantuano, 50, runs a small tailor shop in the town of Lipa in Batangas province. Their town is one of the worst affected by the ashfalls because of its proximity to the volcano, which began spewing clouds of ash last Sunday (Jan 12).

Rosalina's daughter, Mary Ann Mantuano, said that when she knew that masks were sold out in stores, she started sewing pairs for every person in the house - before making them for friends, neighbours and the whole street.

Mary said: "My mother started with one pair for me, then decided to make lots to give to those who cannot get one as well due to high demand."

Local stores reported that hoarding and panic-buying may have contributed to the easily depleted stocks of N95 masks and other variants of protection against the ash fall.

Authorities believe the Taal Volcano's activity is expected to last from days to several months said authorities.

More than 20,000 residents have been displaced, including stranded tourists around the famed attraction after its sudden eruption on January 12.