Carla Abellana makes a plea to help save stray dogs

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14 Feb – Carla Abellana is pleading for fans and social media followers alike to adopt stray dogs to avoid from them being euthanised by the city pounds.

On 12 February, the "Love of My Life" actress posted a photo of a group of strays caged together inside a city pound, and stressed the importance of adopting these animals instead of buying one from pet stores.

"Thousands of strays are euthanized on a weekly basis at City Pounds all over our country. Be a responsible pet owner too. Spay/neuter your pets to avoid unwanted pets who end up becoming strays. Do not abandon. Having a pet is a lifetime commitment," she wrote.

Abellana, who has four dogs of her own, revealed that there are currently 47 dogs "on deathrow", scheduled to be killed legally to reduce the population of strays on the streets.

"We will try to save what we can, but many of them have underlying conditions already. The adoption fee is cheap - vettings and sustenance are what's hard on our part. If you wish to help, please spread the word. We badly need adopters," she added.

More information about donations could be found on the actress' Instagram post.

"We would need your help for supplies and vettings of these poor dogs. We will get meds for those with ticks and mange, and give supplements to all. Please help advocate and share so we can spread more awareness," she added.

Carla Abellana with her pet Bubbly
Carla Abellana with her pet Bubbly

(Photo Source: Carla Abellana Instagram)