Carlo Aquino misses chance to star in Netflix hit 'Squid Game'

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Award-winning actor Carlo Aquino was offered a role in Netflix's hit series "Squid Game."

Sharing an Instagram post from June 2020 that showed a handwritten note from the show's director, Carlo revealed that "Squid Game" director Hwang Dong-hyuk had offered him a role in the series.

The actor also reposted a story from DJ Rico Robles about his missed role. 

(Source: Carlo Aquino/Instagram)
(Source: Carlo Aquino/Instagram)

Carlo said that he was originally cast to portray Abdul Ali, or Player No. 199, a Pakistani migrant worker in Korea who was forced to join the deadly game to help his wife and child after his Korean employer refused to pay his already delayed salary. Instead, 34-year old Anupam Tripathi took over the role. Tripathi is an Indian theater, film, and television actor who has starred in numerous Korean films and dramas, including "Arthdal Chronicles," "Descendants of the Sun," "Space Sweepers," "Taxi Driver," "The 8th Night," "Ode to My Father," and "Hospital Playlist."

Owing to pandemic travel restrictions, Carlo, unfortunately, lost out on becoming a part of the survival-themed series, which is rated as one of Netflix's top programs in 22 countries.

Carlo would have joined Christian Lagahit, also known as Player 276 in the trending Korean series, as the only Filipino actors in the series. Lagahit appeared on the show's fourth episode titled "Stick to the Team", helping some of the main cast in the fatal tug-of-war game.

The hit survival series “Squid Game” is now the No. 1 show on Netflix in the US and 65 other countries and territories. It tells the story of a group of cash-strapped players who accept an invitation to compete in children's games for a whopping 45.6 billion won (roughly P1.9 billion), not knowing that there is a deadly caveat to the competition.

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