Carmen Copper Corp. commits to help landslide victims’ families

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THE Carmen Copper Corp. (CCC) has committed to provide free education until college and allowances to all the children of its employees who died or are still missing after a landslide took place at its Carmen Pit in Toledo City on Dec. 21, 2020.

In a press statement on Sunday, Dec. 27, the CCC said it has, as of this time, provided various forms of financial and other assistance to the immediate family of its deceased workers.

The CCC also offered employment opportunities at CCC for the victims’ next of kin, spouse and children.

“CCC has given the same attention to the immediate family of the missing CCC employees and will afford them of the same commitments CCC provided to the family of the deceased,” a portion of its statement read.

The CCC said it has also extended support to the family of the contractor who was among the victims.

The fatalities of the landslide were identified as Junil Lagola, Ernesto Caspe, Juan Tapang and Dionisio Labang.

As of Dec. 27, six others are still missing. They are Jose Carpentero, Jonwel Herediano, Simeon Laconas, John Paul Resuelo, Renante Sepada and Alfred Tautho.

The CCC said it will help the Mines and Geosciences Bureau 7 with the latter’s ongoing investigation and review and will provide a daily update on search operations and developments within the Carmen mine operating pit.

The company also said it has been providing the Toledo City Government with a daily update on its search operations. (WBS with PR)