Carnival Fantasy cruise ship receives failing sanitation score after CDC finds brown shower water, flies on food

Dillon Thompson

A Carnival Cruise Line ship received a failing sanitation score after a July inspection by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discovered brown shower water and food covered in flies, among other violations.

The failing score is the worst in the liner's history, according to Fox News. Any score below 86 is considered unsatisfactory, and the Carnival Fantasy received a 77.

Among the reasons for the low score, inspectors cited such issues as "brown water," which came from the shower hoses in the ship's medical center. A crew member also reported brown water coming out of their own shower that they used twice a day.  

The CDC also cited issues in the dining hall, including a self-service breakfast bar that was infested with flies. Inspectors noted multiple large bowls of bread and bagels in the morning that were swarming with "not less than 15 small flies."

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They also found a visible film floating atop the ship's main pool, sneeze guards missing from the buffet and instances where clean silverware was kept in "warm, soiled water."

Carnival said it has already taken steps to fix the issues found in the report.

"The results for Fantasy are not reflective of our robust standards and dedicated commitment to our guests' health and safety," a Carnival representative told Business Insider. "We have already taken corrective action, added additional staff, and asked USPH [United States Public Health] for a re-inspection as soon as possible, with every expectation that we will exceed USPH." 

The Fantasy, which currently departs from Mobile, Ala., and sails to the Caribbean and the Panama Canal, received the worst sanitation score of any U.S.-based Carnival liner inspected last month. In fact, Business Insider reported that every other Carnival ship passed its July inspection, with the company's boats earning an average score of 94.