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Number 10: Subaru WRX

Number 10: Subaru WRX
Average 5-year depreciation percentage: 40.0%

You're going to see several trucks and sport utility vehicles on this list, with a couple high-performance coupes mixed in to keep things interesting. What you won't see are any more sedans or hatchbacks like the Subaru WRX. And we're not terribly surprised. In a world crazed with crossovers of every shape and size, sedans and hatchbacks are a dying breed (see the loss of the dearly departed Mitsubishi Evolution series for further evidence). That's especially so of cars like the WRX that are aimed at driving enthusiasts, and that means they can command a premium on the used market.

Cars that depreciate the least in 5 years

According to a recent study by iSeeCars.com, the average vehicle loses half of its value after five years of ownership. These cars and trucks depreciate much less.