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Audi: TT, A3 Cabriolet

We’ll start with a heartbreaker. The Audi TT’s disappearance makes us as sad as any car on this list. Every version of the TT was fun, but the turbocharged five-cylinder TT RS was the best of the bunch. Throughout its many years of production and transformation to the modern world, the TT remained true to its two-door sports coupe self. The Audi lineup won’t be the same without its presence, but we hope an electric alternative fills in the space soon.

The other notable Audi you won’t be able to buy next year is the A3 Cabriolet. This little droptop will still be available to buy in sedan format, but low demand for the cabrio is the likely culprit here. A3 sales in general have experienced a decline in recent years, but we don’t know the split between sedans and convertibles. One can only guess the Cabriolet has suffered, especially in colder states.

All the cars discontinued after 2019

All the cars being discontinued after 2019