Cars Stranded on Dallas Interstate During Flash Flooding

Drivers had to be rescued from their cars after flash flooding hit Interstates 30 and 45 in Dallas, Texas, in the early morning hours of Monday, August 22, local media reported.

Footage recorded by Tenika Fox around 12:30 am on Monday morning shows the lower section of the roads submerged with vehicles at a standstill.

Local media reported that several drivers had to be rescued from their vehicles in high floodwater.

A Flash Flood Warning was in place for Dallas overnight. Credit: Tenika Fox via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Look at that [MUTED]. It's flooding. [MUTED] stuck in the flood, bro. I got out of [MUTED] though. I got up on this ramp. You should be in bed all night. Wreck after wreck. Cars wreaking by themselves.