Carvajal: Opportunism at its worst

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I have written why I cannot in conscience vote for the erstwhile dictator’s son. Today, I write why the same conscience keeps me from voting for any candidate running under his banner.

One vote less does not make a difference, I know. I write just in the hope that readers, with whom my conscientious objection might resonate, would share it and rock others into doing the same. Failing that, I’ll settle for the peace of mind of one acting according to his convictions.

There is, I am sure, a variety of reasons why people are supporting you-know-who. For the purpose of this essay, however, I see only two main groups of you-know-who supporters.

The first group consists of people, mostly millennials I am told, who have come to sincerely believe and accept you-know-who’s revision of Philippine history. If they sifted through all the data available of that period and remain convinced of you-know-who’s revised version, I have no quarrel with them. I might wish they had searched for truth more critically, but I must presume they are acting according to their conscience as I am doing and credit them for that.

The second group has two sub-groups and consists of those who campaign and support you-know-who because of what they can get from him in return.

The first sub-group consists of poor voters who have been promised or expect a substantial financial dole-out on or around election day. I have no quarrel with this sub-group either. Life to them is a day-to-day struggle for survival and I can’t blame them for not looking beyond the enjoyment of a windfall on election day.

It’s the second subgroup that rubs me the wrong way. These are candidates running under the banner of you-know-who. These people know the ugly twists and turns of the true Martial Law narrative. Highly educated and well-informed they are able to see clearly through the smokescreen you-know-who and family are covering it with.

Like they are aware of the imminent danger that you-know-who would wield power in a manner not unlike that of his dictator father’s.

They also know perfectly well you-know-who’s campaign is financed with stolen money. Worse still, they know that if you-know-who wins, that money will never be returned to its rightful owners, the Filipino people.

Yet, knowing all this, they still want him to be president who, by all accounts, should be anathema to all and everything decent in Philippine society. I see no reason for running under his banner other than the political expediency that with his loads of cash they have a better-than-most chance of winning.

This is political opportunism at its worst.

They are risking the country’s future for the sheer expediency of winning on stolen people’s money. That’s why I am not voting for any of them. For the same political expediency (what politician does not want to be re-elected?), they will kowtow to his and not the people’s wishes.

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