Carvajal: Spaceship in trouble

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RICH countries spend billions on weapons that can obliterate all life on earth and on space-exploration-cum-leisure-travel projects that barely a few humans can afford. One wonders why. It is already exciting enough that spaceship earth travels 940 million kilometers around the sun in 365.252 days or at a whopping speed of 106,216.7 kilometers per hour.

Yet, for the very rich, travel on spaceship earth could be boring, which is why they spend billions for weapons of war or for ships to explore space. On the other hand, for the poor who comprise the majority of earth’s passengers, life is a struggle to survive even just a few trips around the sun.

In any case, those billions could feed, clothe and educate millions of humans who travel in cramped and suffocating obscure corners of the spaceship. The same could be spent preserving the integrity of spaceship earth, which is ailing in space from the abuse out of luxury by rich, and out of necessity by poor earthlings.

Meanwhile, in the stuffy Philippine compartment of spaceship earth, the relatively few rich and powerful who control business and government are spending billions of pesos for state of the art weaponry, super highways and bridges, world-class airports, malls, casinos and tourist spots which almost half the population have hardly any use for or access to.

As I write, official candidates are spending a lot of money to get the power to solve the nation’s problems. But, as always, they will spend their terms recovering their money and more. Anti-poverty program? Are you kidding me? The only way they know how to reduce poverty is make the rich richer so more would trickle to the poor.

That seems to be what subsumes Cebu City LGU’s (local government unit’s) joint venture agreement with Megawide to convert Carbon Public Market into a world-class trading and tourist center. Thousands of small ambulant and pushcart vendors, loaders, helpers etc. will be deprived of their daily earnings. The city forgetting that these people are in no position to wait for the trickle effect of the project.

And where is the Catholic Church in all of this? God bless him, for Pope Francis is weighing in on world leaders to do something to reverse climate change and save the earth. He is also enjoining bishops of local churches to work for just social structures.

Yet, Filipino bishops do not seem keen on changing unjust structures of domination. They should, but they are not calling a synod to determine how to more relevantly evangelize Filipinos. Like, what just structures are created by Archbishop Villegas’ morally inane statement that voters may accept payment but vote according to their conscience?

Spaceship earth is in big trouble. Much more so is its Filipino compartment.

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