Cat stranded along Ortigas bridge for 3 days has been rescued

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Pasig City fire volunteers rescued a cat that was trapped along the Ortigas bridge in Pasig City for three days.

A social media SOS by a certain Jesie Javier Padilla called netizens’ attention to the stranded cat, saying that the feline had been staying under the bridge since Sunday.

The original poster said that he had originally spotted the cat while on his way to work.

“An update on Miming: he has been there since Sunday, and no response or rescue team has come to fetch him, please help,” the post said in Filipino, referring to the cat as Miming, a common local term.

The Rosario Pasig Fire Volunteers page later posted an update on Facebook, saying that the cat had been rescued and was reunited with his owner.

Volunteers initially encountered challenges in safely rescuing the cat as it was being avoidant, according to the comments.

The cat reportedly did not suffer any illness or injury throughout the three-day ordeal, apart from stress.

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