Cathy Garcia-Molina admits being harsh towards her actors

16 Mar – Cathy Garcia-Molina is not a director for the faint-hearted, as she admitted to have ripped her two stars' up in order to get them to perform to their best of their abilities in the new movie, "My Perfect You".

As reported on Inquirer, the filmmaker who spoke about working with Gerald Anderson and Pia Wurtzbach, shared that she had to tame her actors' ego in order to get them to do something different.

"I told Gerald I thought he wasn't handsome enough to be an actor, and that I didn't think he was a good one. I also said I've seen some of his movies, but I only liked his performance [in "Always Be My Baby]. I did this to see what else Gerald could do as an actor. I wanted to know his acting range," she said.

Garcia-Molina also admitted that she told Wurtzbach that the beauty queen is fat and that she doesn't find the Miss Universe 2015 "beautiful enough" or good enough to be an actress.

"I don't want to see the personalities of my actors in the characters they portray. [...] Gerald knows that I am painfully honest. I admire him for allowing me to restrain and tame him," she said.

As for Wurtzbach, Garcia-Molina praised the beauty queen for her ability to adapt to the situation.

"She was game for anything. She would say she is okay even when she is bleeding from a scratched wound," she said, adding that the actress was able to pull off delicate scenes usually done great by experienced actors.

(Photo source: Pia Wurtzbach Instagram)